Does your restaurant go through this?

Gino was not optimistic about the business outlook for his eatery.

The local economy was floundering and he had no sign of any increase to his number of customers.

Gino’s Place.

The cost of advertising in the local newspaper was actually quite a lot, and the returns from it were actually diminishing.

Fewer and fewer diners were being attracted in through his doors.

Gino’s biggest fear was : Going out of business, being unable to pay himself or his staff, and ultimately possibly losing his livelihood.

He feared having to tell his chef and his waiting staff that their jobs had come to an end.

He feared telling his young family that he no longer had the restaurant, that he was in debt and had no income.

Gino’s biggest frustration was that he knew people really enjoyed his food but he couldn’t get enough diners to discover how good it actually is.

I recently spoke to Gino, he had the very same fears I have heard about over and over from other restaurant owners.

I’m hoping that your situation is more moderate than that which Gino found himself in, but given that you’ve found my website, I’m guessing that you have yet to get the results that you desire from your marketing, you may well be looking for new ways to attract diners to your restaurant and to keep them coming back regularly.

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Firstly, let’s identify what the majority of restaurants do to attract new diners…

Flyers or Newspaper Ads

Many of your competitors still rely on traditional restaurant marketing methods including going door to door with flyers and publishing ads in local newspapers.

These are only “One Hit Wonders”, but they are also expensive.  People see them once and then put them straight in the bin.  That is if the even see them!  It leaves you overpowered by a choice – either keep paying high price to at least get some new diners, or settle for the status quo which is only new diners that see your place at the right time.

Are you caught up in these outdated methods while other local restaurants leave you behind?

Website, Twitter and Facebook Pages

Yes, it is true that every restaurant should have Twitter, a Facebook page and a website.

These play a role in brand familiarity, but the saying “Build it and they shall come” simply does not apply.

They also require a lot of maintenance effort to attract new diners whilst navigating constant rule changes so frequently imposed by social media platforms.

What do your own social media stats tell you?  How about your website’s visitors per week?  When you tweet or post on Facebook, how many people actually read that?

Is your restaurant with so many others that find these methods bring very few new diners?

And when you do attract diners in for the first time …

What is the probability of them becoming regular diners?

So even assuming that you provide excellent food with great service, the chances of a first time diner returning is only 40%.  Even second time diners are only likely to return in 42% of cases.  At 3 visits the probability almost doubles in your favour!

  • You can get more regular diners, it is my focus to get the cycle working for you. Simple.
  • The “Fill Your Restaurant” premium service is risk free for you, as I cover it with my 100% 30 day money back guarantee – You will see the start of profits on the rise.



As a matter of urgency you need a way to entice every diner to eat with you 3 times to keep the probability of them becoming regulars above a mere 50%.

What do you do to ensure new diners come back through those doors?

Most restaurants are relying on ‘hope marketing’ ..

Restaurant owners HOPE that the quality of your food and service win people over enough for them to actually decide to come back. Yes, this can happen, but you are working at a probability of around 40%.

You are, in this case, really just HOPING it will happen!

OK!! Now for the good news!!

Friends group drinking cappuccino at coffee bar restaurant – People talking and having fun together at fashion cafeteria – Friendship concept with happy men and women at cafe – Warm vintage filter

So far we’ve looked at the lack of marketing techniques that most restaurants are using to drive poor results, inconsistent returns, but I am happy to tell you that I can show you how to easily …

  • Discover and attract new diners
  • Convert new customers into regular diners
  • Tempt regular diners to dine with you more frequently

How different will things be if you are doing more than attracting new diners? If you are also having more return diners becoming regulars?  AND If your regular diners are also returning more frequently than before?

  1. Attract new diners
  2. Tempt existing customers to dine more often
  3. Reduce other advertising costs
  4. Generate activity around your Facebook and Twitter presence
  5. Keep your restaurant center stage in the minds of local diners when they’re deciding where to go.
  6. Get quick results
  7. Get new referrals and recommendations from existing customers
  8. Grow your profits
  9. Enjoy higher customer retention and cash in on more repeat business

Don’t have time to take action on this for yourself?

If you’re too busy for implementation of my powerful marketing strategies, I do work with a small number of restaurants around the United Kingdom, where I personally apply my best strategies to guarantee their success.

If you would like me to help fill your restaurant with diners, then please <<click here to see the available options>>

Increased Restaurant Profits Guaranteed

Wherever your business is based, in a large city, a small village or a town, I guarantee that my free restaurant marketing guide will help you to attract new diners as well as tempting previous diners back to the table more often.

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